A Subsistence Life 

Along the banks of the Kobuk River, in northwestern Alaska the Iñupiaq people have been living subsistence lifestyles for over 10,000 years. What did it take to survive?

One of the villages along the Kobuk, the village of Kiana formed a Traditional Council to make decisions on community issues. When federal policies mandated that Dr. Anderson's dig be brought to a halt, Kiana's residents were left with questions about those who had lived at Igliqtiqsiugvigruaq.

They wanted answers. Ultimately, in a landmark decision, the actions of Kiana's Traditional Council changed National Park policy and Dr. Anderson and his team were allowed to continue with their excavations at Igliqtiqsiugvigruaq, or the "Big Village" as it was known by the people of Kiana. 

A  young, Kiana student examines an artifact.