October Screening

Igliqtiqsiugvigruaq [Swift Water Place] was filmed primarily on location in northwestern Alaska up the Kobuk River, from Kotzebue Sound, beyond the Arctic village of Kiana. This region is largely populated by the Iñupiaq people, most of whom are shareholders in the NANA corporation. It was important to the filmmakers that the people originally from this area were able to view and comment on the film. On October 24th a screening was held for all NANA shareholders living in Anchorage. The following comments were from audience members following the screening.

"Great film. Would love to see more especially a follow-up with a reaction from the kids and community, as well as other villages."
– Jason Rutman

"Thank you for sharing this film. It is so important to share the stories of our people. My grandmother was from Kiana, so this is very interesting to me. I love stories about our people and the history. This helps me understand a little of who they were, where they lived and how they lived."
– Annette Zella

"Additional movies about the region that I’d like to see: The unique characteristics of each village. How are they similar? How are they different? The NANA region through each season, cultural celebrations, hunting, gatherings, traditions, and the scenery of the region through the seasons. A highlight of Inupiaq values and why they are important."
– NANA shareholder

"Why rest of the world cares is such a great question. Who they are is important to connect youth to who they are. 
Thank you. "
– NANA shareholder